Coffee Creamer

I love love love my coffee.  I love it hot, cold, blended, shaken, and even the beans covered in chocolate.  I also love my coffee sweet.  So when I saw a post for homemade creamer awhile back, I had to try it.  Unfortunately I can’t find that post anymore, but I don’t know if I want to, it tasted TERRIBLE.  Turns out my sister tried the same recipe before also, and she hated it.

Back to the point, found another recipe, and was a little skeptical on trying it.  So I read it over a few times, debated until my husband said *”do it for science!”

*My husband loves science, it’s almost like a weird obsession the way he goes about it sometimes.  I love it.

coffee creamer

Ma Bacon, at Bacon In My Pocket, focused her post on Cinnamon Bun flavored creamer.  She also posted a few other variations at the bottom.  That is where I went.  My creamer of choice is hazelnut.  Love love love.

So this morning, after having a cup of coffee with my Coffee-Mate, I went to work, got out my milk, sweet and condensed milk, and hazelnut syrup.  On a side note, scored the syrup at Dollar Tree, so yay, even cheaper!!


Mixed it up, poured some in a fresh cup of coffee, and yummy!


Here is my coffee mostly gone by this point, it’s that good!


On a side note, definitely get a larger container to keep your creamer in.  I thought a jar would look cute, and Ma Bacon uses one for hers according to the picture.  I only had 8 oz, so my creamer is in 3 separate containers, and maybe a container with a spout, cause it dribbled all over my counter as I poured it.






Hello Kitty Crochet Hat

Recently my mom and sister bugged me about teaching them how to crochet, and it had been awhile, so decided to brush up on some skills first.  Decided to look for a pattern that was fun and kinda easy (I’m actually not that good, taught myself, then kinda quit, didn’t give myself enough time to make something with a pattern).  That’s when I came across this:


Liz at Crochet In Color created a hello kitty hat for her daughter.  It looked easy, I had already made hats before, so this wouldn’t be too hard.

Nailed it:


Alright, so I forgot the whiskers, but my girls didn’t care, as soon as they saw me stitch the last eye on, the wanted to wear them.  Janie wanted red and Becca wanted purple, so that’s what I did.

In all honesty, these are my second and third attempts.  Following the pattern, using the size hook she recommends (I never check guage first, just jump into it), my hat came out perfect size for my 7 month old.  So I increased hook size for my girls.  Otherwise this hat was fairly easy to make, I could understand the instructions, and as you can see, my girls love their hats.


Homemade Cough Syrup

Last weekend, amid the hubbub of Black Friday craziness,  I got a cold.  Just the start of one, with the lovely hacking cough that won’t quit and the wonderful somebody shut my nose off already kinda drip.

Little tidbit about me, breastfeeding, so most conventional over the counter medicines are out for me right now, because they contain ingredients not good for baby.  So what’s a girl to do, besides suffer.

I remembered seeing homemade cough syrup, and pinning it, on my boards.  YAY!  Nancy at her blog Good Food Matters  posted a solution that will knock your socks off.




apple cider vinegar


cayenne (red pepper)

It’s supposed to turn into this lovely spicy sweet orange syrupy concoction that will cut through the worst three: Sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion.

Sadly, mine didn’t look like hers.

Mine looked like this:

The floaty bits?  Red Pepper flakes and grated ginger.  I didn’t have the ground up stuff in the cupboard.

All in all, pretty good little concoction.  You can taste each of the elements in it, though in mine, the red pepper is the most stand outish.  Boy does it have a kick!  I think had mine been made exactly, with powdered ingredients, it would be more syrupy and maybe not as spicy.  Not sure.

Big question: does it do what it’s supposed to do?  Yes.  Every time I felt a cough coming on, I would take a tablespoon of this stuff, and it would be gone for hours.  My nose dried up, my cough disappeared, well worth it.  Will I give it to my kids, no.  Way to spicy for them, I need to find something else.

Hello world!

I love Pinterest!  I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t love something about it, except those that aren’t on it, and there aren’t many of those anymore.

Little about me, love love love crafting.  Never did much of it until one little site came to be, and I was invited to join, then my world changed.  All of a sudden, I wanted to make those adorable cookie monster cupcakes, I had my dream home completely done (at the cost of probably millions), and I wanted to be like all those wonderful bloggers out there that were so crafty and ingenious.  Who’d have thought to use bleach pens to make cute designs on your t-shirts?  In fact, who knew there were like 101 different things to do to  your old t-shirts, besides wearing them?  Not me.
So now, my friends, I am showcasing my attempts at these wonderful projects.  I am showing my successes, and my failures.  I am rising from the ashes, dusting off my apron, and screaming “I am crafter!” to the masses.