Coffee Filter Wreath

I must say I like this one.  It was cheap, easy, and really pretty when I was done.

While there were quite a few pictures up, this was really the only tutorial I found.  Liz at Recaptured Charm did a wonderful job showing how this wreath was made, that I had no problems with mine.

I bought a pack of foam pipe covers from Walmart for wreath forms.  I bought a pack of coffee filters from the dollar store.  I already had the glue gun and glue sticks.

First I formed the wreath with duct tape.  Not the prettiest job, but no one is going to see it.


Then I started folding the coffee filters, waiting for the glue to warm up.


Then around the wreath they go.  Ended up with about 5 rows, with stuffing in holes here and there.  Fluff it up, put a ribbon on the back, put an old bow I got from Grandma on the front, and hung it up.


All together it took me a few hours, probably less if I wasn’t interrupted so much (my interruptions made me take a few days here and there).

All together my cost was less than $2 for one wreath.  A+

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