Teething Biscuits

Thank you Lish at Imprintalish for writing up this wonderful recipe.  Seriously.  I have a ton of baby food (Mr Mitchell is helping us with our regular food in addition to) to use up, and I need to find things for him to chew on during the day.




1 cup flour
1 cup dry infant cereal
1 jar of baby food
2 tsp seasoning (which is optional, I left it out)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons water

Mix it up, roll it out, cut it up, bake at 425 F on a greased cookie sheet 10 minutes or so.

I decided to use Applesauce, Chicken in Broth, and Carrots (all separate batches, just in case you were going ewww).  Made carrots first.  While mixing it up, I didn’t follow the recipe and added another jar.  Big mistake, had to add a bunch more oatmeal to get it back to consistency.  Read the directions!


Mr. Mitchell’s first bite was like “what?”.  But he ate it, along with a few more throughout the day.

Next day I made a batch of chicken.  He has a problem eating the meats, and I have all these jars, so I was hoping for a chicken biscuit (in which my sister lovingly pointed out sounded like the dog biscuits she makes, thanks).  Made it, baked it, cooled it, served it.


I do believe Mr. Mitchell likes it.  Also, the way he went after it, he may like it better than the carrot (of course I didn’t screw up the recipe like I did carrot).


If y’all are probably wondering about the applesauce, my girls served it to him with his dinner, so haven’t gotten to make it.  But it should be a success also.

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