Sharpie Plates, Sort Of

So I’ve been seeing a ton of posts featuring white dinnerware and sharpie markers, making super cute designs on them, baking for half an hour, and voila!, instant decorative plate that is food safe and hand wash only.

sharpie mugs

Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess showcased this tutorial, using regular black sharpie markers and dollar store mugs.

I was going to try it.  But then I started digging, (I was looking for cool designs I could put on mine for Christmas) when I started coming across posts debunking this method.  I guess the sharpie washes off, as shown here.

The trick is not regular markers, but their special oil based paint pens.  Since no one in my little backwoods town carries them, and I really didn’t want to special order them, I just bought some paints for glass and ceramics.

And because any good project cannot be done with my children’s help, I let them go at it.


My supplies.


Mugs for their teachers.  The angle is bad, but they have best teachers painted on them.


My husband told them he wanted mugs for him and me, and let them have at it.  Then they wanted to do a plate.  I’m pretty sure those are flowers on the plate and mugs.


Here is the plate I did.  I’m going to use it for a Christmas present, maybe have some cookies on it, and when the cookies are gone, surprise, a very pretty plate underneath.

Painted them, and baked them for half an hour.  Hopefully the paint is set, but will be testing the Joy plate in the sink, just to see if it will hold.  I really hope so.

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