Coffee Creamer

I love love love my coffee.  I love it hot, cold, blended, shaken, and even the beans covered in chocolate.  I also love my coffee sweet.  So when I saw a post for homemade creamer awhile back, I had to try it.  Unfortunately I can’t find that post anymore, but I don’t know if I want to, it tasted TERRIBLE.  Turns out my sister tried the same recipe before also, and she hated it.

Back to the point, found another recipe, and was a little skeptical on trying it.  So I read it over a few times, debated until my husband said *”do it for science!”

*My husband loves science, it’s almost like a weird obsession the way he goes about it sometimes.  I love it.

coffee creamer

Ma Bacon, at Bacon In My Pocket, focused her post on Cinnamon Bun flavored creamer.  She also posted a few other variations at the bottom.  That is where I went.  My creamer of choice is hazelnut.  Love love love.

So this morning, after having a cup of coffee with my Coffee-Mate, I went to work, got out my milk, sweet and condensed milk, and hazelnut syrup.  On a side note, scored the syrup at Dollar Tree, so yay, even cheaper!!


Mixed it up, poured some in a fresh cup of coffee, and yummy!


Here is my coffee mostly gone by this point, it’s that good!


On a side note, definitely get a larger container to keep your creamer in.  I thought a jar would look cute, and Ma Bacon uses one for hers according to the picture.  I only had 8 oz, so my creamer is in 3 separate containers, and maybe a container with a spout, cause it dribbled all over my counter as I poured it.





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