Hello Kitty Crochet Hat

Recently my mom and sister bugged me about teaching them how to crochet, and it had been awhile, so decided to brush up on some skills first.  Decided to look for a pattern that was fun and kinda easy (I’m actually not that good, taught myself, then kinda quit, didn’t give myself enough time to make something with a pattern).  That’s when I came across this:


Liz at Crochet In Color created a hello kitty hat for her daughter.  It looked easy, I had already made hats before, so this wouldn’t be too hard.

Nailed it:


Alright, so I forgot the whiskers, but my girls didn’t care, as soon as they saw me stitch the last eye on, the wanted to wear them.  Janie wanted red and Becca wanted purple, so that’s what I did.

In all honesty, these are my second and third attempts.  Following the pattern, using the size hook she recommends (I never check guage first, just jump into it), my hat came out perfect size for my 7 month old.  So I increased hook size for my girls.  Otherwise this hat was fairly easy to make, I could understand the instructions, and as you can see, my girls love their hats.


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