Homemade Cough Syrup

Last weekend, amid the hubbub of Black Friday craziness,  I got a cold.  Just the start of one, with the lovely hacking cough that won’t quit and the wonderful somebody shut my nose off already kinda drip.

Little tidbit about me, breastfeeding, so most conventional over the counter medicines are out for me right now, because they contain ingredients not good for baby.  So what’s a girl to do, besides suffer.

I remembered seeing homemade cough syrup, and pinning it, on my boards.  YAY!  Nancy at her blog Good Food Matters  posted a solution that will knock your socks off.




apple cider vinegar


cayenne (red pepper)

It’s supposed to turn into this lovely spicy sweet orange syrupy concoction that will cut through the worst three: Sore throat, hacking cough, tight congestion.

Sadly, mine didn’t look like hers.

Mine looked like this:

The floaty bits?  Red Pepper flakes and grated ginger.  I didn’t have the ground up stuff in the cupboard.

All in all, pretty good little concoction.  You can taste each of the elements in it, though in mine, the red pepper is the most stand outish.  Boy does it have a kick!  I think had mine been made exactly, with powdered ingredients, it would be more syrupy and maybe not as spicy.  Not sure.

Big question: does it do what it’s supposed to do?  Yes.  Every time I felt a cough coming on, I would take a tablespoon of this stuff, and it would be gone for hours.  My nose dried up, my cough disappeared, well worth it.  Will I give it to my kids, no.  Way to spicy for them, I need to find something else.

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