Hello world!

I love Pinterest!  I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t love something about it, except those that aren’t on it, and there aren’t many of those anymore.

Little about me, love love love crafting.  Never did much of it until one little site came to be, and I was invited to join, then my world changed.  All of a sudden, I wanted to make those adorable cookie monster cupcakes, I had my dream home completely done (at the cost of probably millions), and I wanted to be like all those wonderful bloggers out there that were so crafty and ingenious.  Who’d have thought to use bleach pens to make cute designs on your t-shirts?  In fact, who knew there were like 101 different things to do to  your old t-shirts, besides wearing them?  Not me.
So now, my friends, I am showcasing my attempts at these wonderful projects.  I am showing my successes, and my failures.  I am rising from the ashes, dusting off my apron, and screaming “I am crafter!” to the masses.

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